I don’t believe in coincidences.

The fact that you are reading these words tells me you are ready to take in new
information, are open to learning, growing, changing and healing.
You are in the right place, at the right time with the right kindred spirit.
It is my belief that you wouldn’t be here at this moment
if you were not ready for your own personal transformation and growth.

My life’s journey has included many valleys and uphill battles. Through all of the challenges, I have finally learned to find peace and joy in daily life. I knew I wanted to help others move through their challenges more gently as a result of what I have learned along the way. I offer private consulting as well as group seminars and workshops for personal and spiritual transformation.

When you get yourself balanced and connected, you can move mountains!

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Powerfully written primer on understanding the mind, body, spirit construct of handling grief. It teaches the reader to define grief in its various forms, educates the reader on how grief moves through the body, teaches them coping skills to move through the process of grief and teaches the reader to be able to acknowledge and understand the symptoms of grief. Identifying what symptoms you are feeling is critical to the healing process. Popular chapters: identifying symptoms of grief, loss of loved ones, children’s grief processes, the loss of your pet, and visitors from the other side are considered some of the best work written on the grief process.


For folks struggling in all 12-step recovery programs, we need guidance and support to overcome our addictions. We must have spiritual change inside of us. WARNING: Reading this book and using its content will help you to have a more fulfilled and happy life! This book helps us heal ourselves one day at a time!


Groundbreaking blend of universal spirituality, new thought philosophy, 12-step recovery knowledge, a course in miracles, wisdom and real life courage. This book is a must read for those who want to get rid of anxiety and irrational fear-based thinking and create a new positive way of thinking and living! It is a practical primer and an easy read. It motivates, inspires and encourages the reader to make the changes needed to decrease anxiety and fear, transforming the reader into an empowered new place of mind, body, spirit healing.


Materia de la tristeza es un libro de mas vendido sobre como manejar los sintomas y las realidades de la pena en los Estados Unidos. Una premisa es que podemos aprender a ver de otra manera. Podemos hacer que pena nuestro amigo en vez de nuestro enemigo. Pena nos cambia. Podemos elegir permitir que se nos ensanan importantes y lecciones de vida valorados o nosotris podemos permitrnos habitar en la autocompasion, la pregunta es “voy a dejar esta experiencia de dolor me ahcen amargo o mejor?”


Las Afirmaciones Diarias para la Transformacio’n Espiritual para los de 12 Paso Recuperacion de la adiccion es un poderoso recordatorio de que debemos tener una transformacion espiritual para hacercambios duaderos que finalmente resultan en serenidad y la paz de la mente. Este libro es un esfuerzo inspirador para ayudarnos todos recordamos que somos Uno, somos amados y somos seres espirituales teniendo una experiencia humana. Ofrece al lector una afirmacion diaria, todos los dias un pensamiento 12 paso y un recordatoria breve pero eficaz de como alcanzar la serenidad de un dia a la vez.


Transformar el miedo y las ansiedad en el poser es una mezcla innovadora universal Espiritualidad. Nueva Era Filosfia, 12 Paso Conocimento Recuperacion y sabiduria Un Corso de ilagros. Se motiva, inspirada y alentado al lector a hacer las divisas necessarias para disminuir la ansiedad y el mento, lo que permite la tranformacion en un nuevo sitio de poder. Esto ayuda al lector a descubrir un camino a la sanacio’n personal mente-cuerpo-espritu.

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