We whole Jan's books to libraries, bookstores, hospitals, universities and gift shops.

Wholesaling Books, Grief Cards, Hot Sauces, Fruit Butters and Fruit Preserves

Janice Mann currently has over 100  products available for wholesale purchase. Books, grief cards, hot sauces, fruit butters, fruit preserves, honey, blackstrap molasses and much more! Do you own a store? Do you run a shop in a hospital or recovery center?

We believe in excellent customer service!? We will take great care of you!


Register your business to be a wholesaler!

Send an email to  Jan@JaniceMann.com. We will have our staff send you a wholesalers packet. We will need a copy of your resale license or 501c3 documentation.


Share the Love!

When you do business with Janice Mann you are always sending love out to the Universe. All our products are made with love!  Our intention is to make the world a better place one day at  time!

My Blog

Thoughts to Ponder


Healing comes in many forms.

Open your mind.

Energy moves where it needs to go!

Healing energy moves to where it needs to be for your highest and best good.


Our bodies are comprised mostly of water.

Drink from the water of life!



These are stars seen by the Hubble Space Center.

You are here. 

Don't let the sun go down on your dreams!

Dream big dreams! Take calculated risks.

Face your fears!.


Expect Miracles

Transformation is fun and empowering! Don't quit making changes before the miracles happen!

Healing Thoughts


Expectations breed resentments.

Communication is key to healthy relationships. Say what you mean and mean what you say. 

Forgiveness heals.

Forgiveness heals you first and foremost! Carrying around toxic energy of resentment, jealousy, anger...you know what I am talking about....it hurts you.

When you are pointing a finger at someone to blame there are three pointing back at you!

Let's get rid of blame. How about each person become accountable for what they say and how they act?

Life is best lived one day at a time!

It is best not to live in the past. You are not there anymore. Don't carry the baggage of the past into your present moment.

Live in the present moment. That is all we have.

Take an assessment of your goals and dreams. Set some goals. Work your plan and plan your work!

Self love and self forgiveness are key to transforming your awareness.

You did the best you could at with what you knew at the time. Forgive yourself already! Experience joy! Have an attitude of gratitude.